Quotes Szolnoki Olaj KK - Besiktas Milangaz

27 April 2012

Besiktas Head Coach Ergin Ataman
Congratulations to Szolnoki and their fans, who created a great atmosphere. Szolnoki analysed us very well and played aggressive defense. We only shot 31% on our fieldgoals and were stopped at nine assists. Usually, it is impossible to win a game with such offensive statistics. According to the rosters, everybody would think we are the clear favourites, but we missed the few opportunities to make it a clear game for us. In the end we won on hustle and offensive rebounds. Crongatulations to my team for reaching the first international final for Besiktas. I hope that on Sunday all our fans living around Debrecen come to support us in the final.

Szolnoki Olaj Head Coach Peter Por
Congratulations to Besiktas. They proved how big they are and what tradition they have. In my opinion there are three main reasons for our loss. First of all, Besiktas was very aggressive on defense, second they got lots of second chance points on offensive boards and we shot below our usual three-point percentage. But we can be very proud of us. When we wake up in the morning we can say that we did everything but that it just wasn't enough.

Besiktas player Ersin Dagli
It was a very tough game for us. Szolnoki had their crowd behind them and managed to make the big shots. But we hustled back and always stuck to our gameplan.

Szolnoki Olaj player Marton Bader
We prepared well, watching lots of video. Besiktas are a very experienced team. In the game we were feeling a small chance to win in front of our great crowd, but couldn't control the game. Reaching the Final Four was already a big success and now we want to take bronze on Sunday.



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