Quotes BC Minsk 2006 vs Pinar Karsiyaka


Pinar Karsiyaka small forward Alper Saruhan:
"We were expected to have a hard game here. We learned much from our loss in Izmir. It was our last opportunity to go to the next round.  It’s a surprise for us to get a victory."

Karsiyaka head coach Hakan Demir:
"We deserved the game and victory in it. We played very good. Today we showed our new strategy and character. And as a result we won."

Minsk guard Uladzimir Charko:
"We could have won, as we can see from the result of the first quarter. But we had a lack of strength, many wrong decisions were done. The leaders of the team didn’t show game on such level, as everybody had expected from them."

Minsk head coach Andrei Krivonos:
"It was probably our last chance in the EuroChallenge, but we didn’t use it.  Our main problem is that many of our players are injured."