Quotes ETHA vs. Olin Edirne


Olin Edirne head coach Gokhan Tastimur:
Congratulations to Etha for the win, they played good defence.  This is the first time that Olin is participating in the EuroChallenge.  That was a very good experience for the team and also a preparation for the two left home games we have and also for our national league.  We know we are not going to make it far in the EuroChallenge, we had 4 losses, the importance of all is that in our away games in Russia and Belgium, here in Cyprus we had the greatest atmosphere from the President to the last person in Etha.  The hotel, the people, the hospitality, the transportation were all great and the most important than the game, was the feelings we had from Etha.  All the best to Etha."

Olin Edirne player Christopher Wright:
"Great game of both teams, both teams played very good and this is the first time I am here in Cyprus.  We had a very good time.  Congratulations to Etha."

Etha Engomi head coach Antonis Constantinides:
"First of all, congratulations to both teams.  It was an amazing game.  The win for us was also for phychological reasons, after the bad results we had in the national league and the EuroChallenge.  We played very good defence.  We are a more defensive team than an offensive one.  I want to congratulate my players for their effort to win.  Now we have two away games in Russia and Belgium and we are going there to fight and according to the other game result, we hope for the better."

Etha Engomi player Darryl Watkins:
"It was a very good game after 3 home games, we finally won and we returned to our good old self.  Today we struggled, we played good defence and that is why we won."