Quotes Olin Edirne vs. Okapi Aalstar


Olin Edirne point guard Chris Wright:
"We started the game really good than lead by 15 points. Begining of the second half we seem like going down but we find the points from free throws. Stimac Had a great game today.Also our new transfer Videnov is really experienced player. He shows his quality today. We are happy for beating a good team.

Edirne Coach Ali Burgul:
"It is hard to take control after a successfull coach Gokhan Tastimur but in a short while we focused on the game and we won this important game. The game is important because we need to delevop our basketball. Its seems like 86 points is too much for us but Okapi is going to qualify to the second round if they beat Etha next week. We won against a good team."

Okapi head coach Bradley Dean:
"First of all I want to congratulate Olin Edirne. Generally Coach changes gives possitive effects to the teams. We had a big men problem. Stimac had a really good game. We have one injured big man and after that we had a foul trouble. At the end of the game Olin scores the free-throws and we didnt make the best selecitons on offence and they won."

Okapi player Ruben Luyten:
"We didnt succumbed against Stimac. Our big man was injured and its hard to make defence at the inside. At the first half Olin made their open shots and they lead by 15. In the third period we fought and made a come back. But at the end of the game Olin won."


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