Quotes ZZ Leiden vs. Armia


Armia head coach Kote Tugushi:
'We played against a much stronger team today. They were really very good in the first quarter. It was important for us to get back our defense to get back into the game. I still did believe in a good result until the start of the fourth quarter. This was not our day.'

Armia player Irakli Sakvarelidze:
'I'm frustrated. This was a very bad game for us. We deserved to get in the second round, but not based on our play today. It was a bad team effort.'

ZZ Leiden head coach Toon van Helfteren:
'We had made some pretty good analyses of Armia. We knew their good and bad sides. From the start we played as a team with a lot of energy. I have a lot of compliments to our players. The game was on a high level from our side.'

ZZ Leiden player Mohamed Kherrazi:
' The first quarter was tremedous. We were focussed to win this game. We got a lot of support from our fans, what gave us the flow. Ir was a very good team result.


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