Quotes Fuenlabrada vs. Norrköping Dolphins


Dolphins Head Coach Paul Burke:
"I'm happy for the game we played. Fuenlabrada is an excellent team. It is by far the best team we've played this season. We did a good job. I think we have our chances of winning at Fuenlabrada."

Dolphins Center Petras Blocka:
"I am very proud of my teammates. We fought all the time. For me it is an honor to play against a team with the class of Fuenlabrada. I had a wonderful feeling when the home crowd has recognized my work in the field."

Fuenlabrada Head Coach Porfirio Fisac:
"I'm happy for the victory. Our distribution of minutes was different from the Liga Endesa matches. It is important that our players can help the team regardless of the minutes they play. I think Oldenburg and us are the strongest teams in the group and that next Tuesday's match will be very important."

Fuenlabrada Point Guard Sergio Sánchez:
"We enjoyed the game. We came in handy into these minutes of competition against European teams. The EuroChallnge will give us many positive things. We have had enough inspired moments on defense."


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