Quotes Okapi Aalstar vs. Norrköping Dolphins


Okapi Aalstar Player Stanley Burrell:
"According to me losing Tyren Johnson with a groin injury contributed to our defeat, we played much faster with him and we had more opportunities to score. We really had a much tougher time without him on the court."

Okapi Aalstar Head Coach Brad Dean:
"I have to congratulate the coach of the Dolphins with their strong game and for coming back the second half of the game. On our site we didn't take our opportunities when they presented themselves."

Norrköping Head Coach Kelly Grant:
"I thought we executed much better in the second half of the game. We played better defense and were well focused."

Norrköping Player George Gervin:
"We played well overall, especially in the second half. We cut down the turnovers but overall we played much better than in the first game."


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