Quotes Sport Lisboa e Benfica vs Norrköping Dolphins

01 February 2011

Henrique Vieira (Benfica coach):
"The key to our victory tonight was our defensive quality and our rebound attitude. They have many tall players and rebounding is one of their strengths. We had to put an extra effort on defensive rebounds and because of that we missed some counter attacks that we usually do. We did it very well tonight and the support of our crowd was very important. We decided to rotate the team more than usual and it went well."

Sérgio Ramos (Benfica player):
"We have improved from our last game at home, we defended better and we have also attacked much better, especially in our shot selection. We were much more concentrated in our tasks and things went well. The team is not tired after so many games, we should be prepared for that. We are used to play twice a week. We want to win our next home game, and go away seeking victories in order to get qualified for the next stage."

Kelly Grant (Norrköping coach):
"We felt that we could win this game. We trailed Benfica all game but in the end we felt that we could win. We never give up on a game, and tonight we showed it once more. We were 16 points behind and we almost tied the game in the final minutes. Physically, Benfica were very strong tonight. We must win all home games in order to qualify. That's our main goal. We are confident of winning against Ventspils away and end this group with 4 victories."

Joakim Kjellbolm (Norrköping player):
"We did a poor first half and we payed the price of letting Benfica go with 16 points ahead. We talked at halftime and we did a lot better in the second half, especially in the 4th quarter, but it wasn't enough. We'll do much better the next time."


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