Quotes Pinar Karsiyaka vs. BC Zadar


BC ZADAR Head Coach Danijel Jusup:

"We played against to a hard team in a hard atmosphere. During the game we had chance few times but we couldn't use them. In our roster we have a lot of young players who don' t have European exprience before, so far it was hard for them to play in a full arena. Whatever we have another chance in next game in Zadar."

PINAR KAR┼×IYAKA Head Coach Hakan Demir:
"First of all we played against to a hard team, and during the game we had up and downs. They were an athletic team so even we were leading by ten we could not feel confident. It was important to start group games by winning for us and we did. I congragulate my players and I appriciate to the fans who made the arena full."

Zadar Player Brandon Brown:
"We played well but that was not enough to win. From inside it was hard to play against to them, and also if you can not find a good percentage from outside, than it is hard to win in that situation. But we will have one more chance in Zadar, and I believe my team mates and I will be different in there."

Kasiyaka Center Furkan Aldemir:
"It was so important for us to start by winning this competition, we are happy that we did. All my team mates played hard, in some parts maybe we had some up and downs, but we did not give up. Also I want to say thank you to our fans who did not leave us alone, and made the arena full."




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