Quotes Norrköping Dolphins vs. Türk Telekom


Dolphins Player Mikael Lindqvist:
"We were playing really good and moved the ball very good, and we got very
easy shots. In the second half we kept Türk Telekom behind and we could win the game"

Dolphins Head Coach Kelly Grant:
"It was a big step for us. I didn't think that we could win the game with 17 turnovers, but we did win the game. We played really good, both in offence and defence. Today we showed that we can compete with other teams internationally. We have played three games in the EuroChallenge - two against Okapi Allstar and now Türk Telecom resulting in three victorys."

Türk Telekom Head Coach Faruk Akagün:
"I think our defence was really bad and Dolphins got very easy shots. It´s a new team and you could see it today, especially in the defence where we make a lot of mistakes. In the second half we played better and Dolphins didn't get the easy shots any more. In then next game I hope we can play better and more organized".


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