Quotes Tartu Rock vs. Lukoil Academic


SOFIA Lukoil Academic head coach Jovica Arsic:
"We showed better quality in second half, scored 10 points in a row, then the players of Tartu Rock got nervous and that was decisive today."

SOFIA Lukoil Academic player Travis Peterson:
"The key of victory was the progress of our performance during the match."

TARTU University Rock head coach Indrek Visnapuu:
"The Players of Lukoil have better stability then ours. Staying 10 points behind in the beginning of the second half decided the match. We played according to our game plan and I'm satisfied with our team but not with the result. The result shows the difference in quality of these teams."

TARTU University Rock player Silver Leppik:
"In the end of the match their players moved quickly and we got a little tired, a couple of minutes in the beginning of third quarter gave the opponents the lead that they didn't gave away."