Thorsten Leibenath, head coach Artland Dragons:
„It was a tough and close game, but also well played. Our defensive excecution was good, we allowed a good offensive team a lot less points than they usually score. In our offense we also did a good job and had 18 assists. Two things are bothering me: The 17 turnovers, that are too many and the fact that our best three three point shooters Seggelke, Prewitt and Bailey combine for 0 out of 15. There we weren't lucky enough. But that's basketball, we have to get out of this dale and keep working hard.“

Darren Fenn, Artland Dragons center:
„It was a tough game against a very good team. Our defense and excecution was good at times. We missed a lot of threes, they also missed a lot of threes. It is easy to see what their game plan was, to get the ball inside. They also had some good foul shots. It is a tough loss.“

Denis Bajramovic, head coach KK Zagreb:
„It was a very tough and hard game. We knew about the qualitiy of Artland with a lot of american players. The spectators are also a very good factor for them, it was a good atmosphere during the whole game in the arena. In our offense we had a good balance between the inside and outside play and in our defense we made an advantage with changing from zone to man-to-man. I have to congratulate my players for their motivation, because we played without our best player Damir Mulaomerovic.“

Luka Zoric, player KK Zagreb:
„After a very tough game in our national championship we needed that win to build new confidence. This was a very hard game and also tough, but this win was so important for us. It was a big step towards the quarterfinals.“

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