Quotes KK Zagreb vs. Artland Dragons

09 March 2010


"I would like to congratulate my players , those who have played tonight as well as those who were not able to help us due to injuries and illnesses . Nevertheless, they were here cheering for us. This was a difficult and dramatic game with a lot on stake for us and for the guests as well. Eventually we had more luck, we managed to save the game and win."

TONI PROSTRAN, KK Zagreb Player:

"I am very glad that my opening game in front of Zagreb fans was a victory and that we managed to enter the Quarter-Finals. I haven't played such an important game for a long time and I hope I've met my coach's expectations and I am glad I have helped my team to get out of a very difficult situation."

TOBY BAILEY, Artland Dragons Player:

"It was a tough game and they had a lot of big shots at the end of the game. We have lost a game in which we were six points ahead three minutes till the end. Zagreb managed to stop us and we're sorry we have missed a big chance for the next round."

THORSTEN LEIBENATH, Artland Dragons Coach:

"Congratulations to Zagreb who played a very good game. We were competitors till the very end. It was a big fight till the very end when in the last quarter three three-pointers by Barać and Simon have brought the victory for Zagreb. I am very proud of my team and the way they played and I wish a lot of success to Zagreb."


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