Quotes EiffelTowers Den Bosch vs. Proteas EKA AEL

02 March 2010
Kyriakos Yiangoulis, Proteas coach:
"We fought hard to keep our European hopes alive, but didn't look too good in offense. We put in a good effort in the fourth quarter but couldn't make the difference. We tried but it didn't happen for us tonight."

Quincy Taylor, Proteas player:
"We started well, but they turned it on defensively after the first quarter. We take this loss against a very good team and can focus on winning our domestic league."

Don Beck, EiffelTowers coach:
"Our two most rested players, Anthony Richardson and Tristan Blackwood gave us huge energy. But I take my hat off to the whole team. We took a risk in resting the players on Monday, but they executed our defensive game plan very well. Rested and prepared we are a very good team."

Anthony Richardson, EiffelTowers player:
‘We played a great game defensively, probably one of our best. It's disappointing to go out, but now we can focus on championship."


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