Quotes MEG Göttingen vs. BCM Gravelines Dunkerque


John Patrick, MEG Göttingen head coach:
"I'm proud of our team. We played with great intensity and concentration over the course of the whole 40 minutes. We were lucky that our opponent did not shoot the ball so well today. We were very motivated against one of the top teams in the French league."

Christian Monschau, BCM Gravelines Dunkerque head coach:
"It was a very good game for Göttingen. For us, it wasn't a great game at all. Göttingen played whatever they wanted. We were not ready today. It was too much difference between both teams today."

Ben Jacobson MEG Göttingen player:
"Like Coach said, I'm very proud of my teammates today. We were able to get the ball inside early on and get buckets from Jason Boone. We stuck to our game plan for 40 minutes. It was a balanced attack from us in a great win for us and our fans."


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