Quotes BC Kyiv vs. Cholet Basket

19 March 2009

Artur Drozdov, BC Kyiv Player:

"Despite the loss in the first game back in France we felt we could beat this team. Today we showed the desire to win, we also realized the mistakes we didn't have to make. They scored on a lot of crazy shots in the first half, but we managed to increase the pace of the game in the second and came out with a win."

Sasa Obradovic, BC Kyiv Head Coach:

"I have to congratulate my players and tell them I am proud of them once again. They just never give up. We had a fantastic second half fist of all due to Denys Lukashov who increased the pace of the game. I think we have chances in game three."

Erman Kunter, Cholet Head Coach:

"We put ourselves in a very bad position today. We lost a game we had to win, now we have three huge games in the upcoming several games. Each of them will be hard and we have to face them all with maximum focus. Before the game and even during the game I told my players they couldn't afford to relax because Kyiv is the team that never gives up."

Antywane Robinson, Cholet Player:

"The way Kyiv played tonight was really excellent. They didn't stop playing when they were losing by 18 points. Next game will be very tough."

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