Final Four Offers Otero, Americas A Peak At The Future


It's the first time in Bologna for FIBA America's Head of Communications Javier Otero.

"It's is a beautiful city," says Otero who is based at FIBA America headquarters in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

"The organization has been wonderful, the arena is great and the basketball is a very high level. It really is a pleasure to be here."

But Otero hasn't travelled all this way just to watch basketball or see the sights of one of Italy's oldest and most beautiful cities.  He's also here to get first hand experience with a new piece of technology that will make its debut in the Americas this summer.

"I was invited by FIBA Europe to come and take a sort of snapshot of the new Digital ScoreSheet technology which we will use this summer at our championships in Mexico and Brazil."

The FIBA Americas Championship for Men and Women will take place this summer in Mexico and Brazil respectively and for the first time they will be using the Digital ScoreSheet technology.

Digital ScoreSheet marries game video to the official score sheet allowing for easy review during the game and giving officials the opportunity to asses their own performance afterwards.

Developed under the direction of FIBA Europe Referee Co-ordinator Miguel Betancor, Otero says officials at FIBA Americas hope the cutting edge technology will help them to develop the highest caliber referees.

"We are interested in using the technology to help our referees develop.  It's such a great and easy way to show all the things they are doing right and doing wrong with a simple click."


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