Quotes D. Bank Skyliners vs. BC Triumph


Pascal Roller, Frankfurt Player:

"I am very happy about the win. We played with very high concentration and made only a few mistakes. We do not have such a deep roster as Moscow, but we played as a team and deserved the win."

Marcus Goree, Moscow Player:

"They always came back and hit important shots. There defense was the key. The really controlled us inside."

Moscow Coach Stanislav Eremine:

"In the first half we had problems on offense. We did not move the ball well, we were too slow and made too many mistakes. In the second half the offense was better, but we could not defend their perimeter guys. Congratulations to Frankfurt. They played a really good game."

Frankfurt Coach Murat Didin:

"We had a lot of respect for Moscow, but we knew that if we played good team basketball, we would have a chance to beat them. Especially on defense we showed a great game. My players put all their energy and heart into it. I congratulate them. Everybody was part of this victory tonight."


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