Quotes Khimik vs. Galatasaray Café Crown


Oliver Popovic, coach BC Khimik:

"The game was really hard. In the first half we’ve made a lot of turnovers and allowed Galatasaray to take a lot of defensive rebounds. They scored 46 points in the first half and that's really a lot. In the second half of the game we’ve made only four turnovers, and that was much better. We improved our rebounding and in the third quarter we began to play fast in attack. I think we have a wonderful result on which we can build on to make our game better."

Andriy Agafonov, player BC Khimik:

"We worked really hard to win this game, because we needed the victory to improve our position in the group. We played really good in defense today and we had a wonderful percentage in three point shots. We are so proud and happy..."

Murat Özyer, coach Galatasaray:

"Our main mistake was that we lost the game in the third quarter. And after that we couldn’t find our better game. We will work on our mistakes."

Hüseyin Besok , player Galatasaray:

"We’ve started the game really good, and that helped us to win the first half. But the fast breaks of Khimik in the third quarter allowed them to win it 29-10. We couldn’t improve our game in the last quarter.  But the next game with Khimik will be on our court and I think we will play better there."  


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