Quotes BC Siauliai vs. Allianz Swans


Gintaras Kadziulis, BC Siauliai Player:  

"We started the game well but after the break we played too passive."  

Giedraitis Robertas, BC Siauliai Head Coach: 

"Talking about the first two halves I think we were too relaxed. I can't blame my players for not being prepared because after two lost games they had to win."  

Tomas Stelzer, Allianz Swans Player: 

"We lost control  in the first half of the game. Our opponent Kadziulis was just unreal with his shots."  

Bob Gonnen, Allianz Swans Head Coach:

"We didn't have two of our players and I'm not sure if they would have helped us because in basketball two plus two mustn't always be four. I suppose they could change the game in the last ten minutes."


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