Quotes BK Ventspils vs. Cajasol


Pedro Martinez, coach Cajasol:

"We started this game badly, but we defended strongly. We had a bad shooting percentage, [lost the] rebounds and didn't create fast breaks. This is why it was difficult to win. We have to improve our performance."

Pedro Rivero del Caz, player Cajasol:

"We started the game badly and during the game we didn't improve our performance. We knew that we would be having problems with Ventspils, if we didn't play good defense."

Agris Galvanovskis, coach Ventspils:

"We fulfilled our plan. Of course we made some mistakes, but the team played well. The only surprise from Cajasol was Rivero del Caz, who scored many baskets, however we neutralized all the other players. Many players from our team are able to score many points, however it is hard to play against taller players like Cajasol is, but somehow we managed to do it. I am happy about this game, because we had lost three times in a row before tonight. I think this is because in the last 10 days our team had been preparing hard for this game. This victory will definitely motivate our players. Brazelton was playing today and therefore our team played better."

Juris Umbraško, player Ventspils:

"The coach told us to stick to the plan. Of course we made some mistakes, but as a whole we did what we had to do."



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