Quotes EWE Baskets - Cluj


Predrag Krunic (Head Coach Oldenburg):

"Same as in Cluj we have been the better team today. Cluj played much better than in the first game. I told my players before the game to take this serious. Despite that we lost our concentration in the second quarter totally. In the second half my players improved on the court and took the win."

Ruben Boumtje Boumtje (Oldenburg):

"Our opponent had a good performance tonight; that was exactly what we expected before. On the defensive end they were much better than in our first game. We felt a bit too comfortable after the big win in Cluj. Our opponent played well and we are very happy to reach the next round."

Tab Baldwin (Head Coach Cluj):

"We started with a different attitude than in Cluj. My team had more confidence. Oldenburg seemed to be too safe after the 26-point-win in Cluj. Today we really had the chance to win the game. In the second half we produced too many turnovers. In the end Rickey Paulding made the difference."

Babmale Osby (Cluj):

"We played with more energy than in game one. The atmosphere in Oldenburg and our whole trip was a nice experience for me and my teammates. Our goal was to play better than in Cluj and to keep the score close. I think we succeeded in doing so. The game was lost in the second half."


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