Quotes KK Zagreb vs. BK Prostejov


Rahsaan Edward Ames, player Prostejov:

"We played a good match, on several occasions we came close to getting the result to see us through but we did not succeed. The home team was stronger in the final minutes. In my opinion we missed our opportunity to qualify in the first leg at home."

Luka Drezga, player KK Zagreb:

"Because of injuries the coach gave me his trust tonight and I am glad that he did not regret it. This is my best match so far in the Zagreb outfit and I hope that I will continue the same way. We lacked our game organizers and for a long period we could not keep a positive rhythm, and when finally we managed to connect several good defenses with a pair of fast breaks the game turned for us."

Ivica Mavrenski, coach Prostejov:

"I believe that we lost a great chance to go through in our home game at Prostejov. Zagreb is the superior team in relation to us and it was a tall order to overcome the eight point deficit from the first leg. Beside that we were missing three players and we lacked depth in our rotations which played a role later in the game."

Željko Pavličević, coach of KK Zagreb:

"As well as at Prostejov, we missed three key players. But especially tonight in our game we felt the absence of our playmakers. After Vladović who had also not played in the first match, in our last training session before the game tonight we also lost Morović who was very important for our victory in the Czech Republic. So we ended up having only Babić as organizer of our game and our rivals felt a chance and troubled us for a big part of the game. Nevertheless, our quality was revealed in the end with our main players getting excellent statistics. Tomić was dominant under the baskets, Simon and Drezga have used their chance and surprised us. Prostejov played excellently, their Americans have been great tonight."


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