Quotes Tartu Rock vs. Ural Great

04 March 2008

Üllar Kerde, coach Tartu Rock:

"We prepared well for this important match and I believed in all the players and believed in victory. Our team always plays well and with emotion and today we could find it on the court."

Gert Kullamäe, player of Tartu Rock:

"The match was tight and hard as we knew it would be. The whole team would like to thank our fans, who believed in us and helped us to get back in the game when we fell behind twice, by some margin. I felt myself so good in the end that I even missed two free throws in the last minute."

Roman Dvinyaninov, coach Ural Great:

"We couldn't find our game in the fourth quarter. All the bad things for us started to happen in the end and we couldn't find a key to get back into the game. The opponent had discipline and our players believed too much on their individual skills."

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