Quotes Cherkaski Mavpy vs. Dexia Mons-Hainaut

23 January 2008

Chris Finch, Dexia coach:

Q: Did you have any information about Cherkaski Mavpy and did you expect to have such a difficult game?

A: Well, we knew about them because we played just a couple of weeks ago. We knew they've made changes and coaching changes. They are a much better team than we faced several weeks ago. We lost the game but we qualify to the next round which is the most important at this stage.

Q: Do you have any particular goals for this eurocup season?

A: Our first task is to try to win against Perm next week and finish on top of the group which is important for us. We feel comfortable wherever we are to play but obviously we would like to play at home. So, that is what we focus on now.

Q: You did not let Yarutis make 3-point shots. Was it a special tactics or just a very careful guarding?

A: Well, we knew that he is a very important player. And I think we did a really good job at guarding him, as well as we did a really good job at taking away Edwards.

Andrew Sullivan, Dexia: 

Q: How can you compare today's game and the game in Belgium?

A: Like the coach said this is a better team than we played a couple of week ago. They shot the ball more. I can say that it is a much better team than we played initially.

Jovica Arsic, Mavpy Coach

Q: Who was to make a shot during the last five seconds?

A: I asked the two small guys either McLinton or Jarutis try to penetrate inside. Well, Jarutis made a step back which is not a good solution. But I still accept it.

Q: Why did not you let Andriukaitis make the final shot? He seemed to catch his game.

A: It is difficult to decide in five second who will make the final shot. His day was today. The other thing is his main quality is not playing one on one. For this situation one must have pointguard who will penetrate the inside. 


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