Quotes PAOK BC vs. CSK-VVS Samara

Valeriy Tikhonenko, coach CSK-VVS Samara:

"First of all I would like to congratulate my team for winning. I know it's very difficult to play here against PAOK, especially since the team has been playing very well lately. They played an excellent game against Panathinaikos for the cup and they have won all their other games lately, while they have added a very significant player in their roster, like Ibrahim Kutluay. We weren't able to win the game in the regular time, but I'm satisfied for winning even in overtime. Taking a time out just three seconds before the end of the game wasn't disrespectful towards the team or the coach of PAOK, it only had to do with the pressure of the game and my will to keep the score margin as it was at the moment".

Kostas Flevarakis, coach PAOK BC:
"We badly wanted to win thIS game, although it's obvious now that we will not be able to go ahead with the competition. Many of our basic players are very tired and they ask to be substituted while the game is running, so we have to try and find solutions to that. The team seems really very tired and we need to find immediate solutions before this hurts us in the Greek League as well. We will not be indifferent in the rest of the games, but what I really want is to make a team that is a worthy opponent and able to win any game".

Giorgos Tsiakos, player PAOK BC:

"All the guys wanted to win this game, but we played without concentration and we need to take a lesson from that, because such performances will not help us go anywhere in the future".

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