Quotes Plannja Basket vs. CSK-VVS Samara


Valeriy Tikhonenko, coach Samara: 

"We have a good team. We got a bad start and Plannja got many fast breaks. After a time out we stepped up our game and got ahead. We came here to win, but it was not easy."

David Visscher, coach Plannja Basket:

"We got a great start. Samara has a great team and they had many palyers with a lot of points tonight. They had 8-9 players with just above or just under 10 points and that is hard to defend against. To be positive we had 17 offensive rebounds. We missed too many shots tonight and then you cannot win a game like this. Our energy went down when we started missing out shots."

Hakan Larsson, player Plannja Basket:

"We stood up for two quarters, Samara is a really good team to play against. This is a good experience for us to face this kind of talented team. I’m not very satisfied with my own game, we lost."