Quotes Ural Great Perm vs. Iscar Strauss Nahariya


Avi Ashkenazi, Head Coach of Strauss Iscar Nahariya:

"First of all I am happy that we won this game, though I do not think that we played well. Our team has a lot of problems just like Ural Great is having, but we were lucky to catch Ural Great in this period and win in Perm. I think that this victory will serve as a good continuation for us in the competition."

Yosef Dadon, Guard for Strauss Iscar Nahariya:

"I am also glad we won against Ural Great in Perm. The game was very hard. There were several moments when it became very close, when the host team cut into our lead and we had to build it up again. I am happy that at the end we won the game by ten points and I think it
is a good achievement."

Sergei Belov, Head coach of Ural Great Perm:

"The main problem of Ural Great is that the players who joined us this year do not understand what Perm basketball and Ural Great are about. In my opinion, it is very important
to unite as one and think and fight together to achieve one goal. A terrible beginning to the third quarter decided the result of the game for us. We did not play defense at all and allowed them so many easy baskets. After so many losses our team appears to be in a very difficult 
mental/psychological state, and now self-motivation and willing to fight become
crucial for us."

Evgeniy Kurilov, Guard for Ural Great Perm:

"I am very disappointed that today we lost our fourth game in a row. We tried to shoot three-pointers and missed too many times. Our coaches tried to motivate us for this game but it
seems that we still cannot find a way to come together as a unit. We make too many mistakes both in offense and defense so there is a lot for us to improve upon."

MVP of the game - Yosef Dadon, Strauss Iscar Nahariya


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