Quotes CEZ Nymburk vs. UNICS


Stanislav Eremine, Head Coach Unics Kazan:

"We are happy with this important win. We knew that we were expecting a very tough match with a team who had beaten us at home. We were well prepared. The first half was more equal, we did not rebound well. The second half was ours and the end was strong in the hands of Shammond Williams."

Shammond Williams, Unics Kazan:

"This was a very difficult and tough match. We had five meetings today about how to play this match so we were well prepared. We produced a good result and the whole team played very well."

Michal Jezdik, Head Coach CEZ Basketball Nymburk:

"The first half was good from our side, we played aggressively and it cost us much power which we missed at the end of the game. With a team like Kazan, you have to work hard for forty minutes, because they are very strong."

Maurice Whitfield, CEZ Basketball Nymburk:

"It was a very hard match with a bad ending for us. We made many mistakes on defense and we had bad communication. Kazan could score easy baskets and it was very hard to catch them."


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