Quotes URAL GREAT Perm - BC Khimki

17 February 2004

Sergei Belov, Head Coach Ural Great Perm:

"All play-off games are absolutely different from those played in the regular championship. Everybody, including the coaches, should have a strong motivation. Despite of having a terrible start I’m glad, that my team found back in the game. This first victory was most important for us."

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, Ural Grat Perm:

"We had a very slow start in the game. We cannot afford this anymore. Fortunately we pushed the ball and this I would say was our big asset. Khimki is a very good team and we have to use all our power to win against them in the play-offs."

Sergey Eelevich, Head Coach BC Khimki:

"We met Ural before. As we played against them in the national championship. We tried to avoid our misstakes of the previous games, but Abdul-Rauf showed an outstanding performance tonight. It was actually him who stopped us and brought the victory to the hosts."

Mikhail Soloviev, BC Khimki:

"In the first two quarters we played like our coach told us to do. But in the third period we got more and more tired. And furthermore our opponents went better and better. Abdul-Rauf showed what he is able to do and proved why he was such a good player in the NBA."

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