NIS Vojvodina 74 Telestet Maroussi 80


Although NIS Vojvodina started the game very strongly, this was a hard and interesting match-up in which nobody could predict the winner until the last minutes.

Despite the home side's break-away start, Maroussi pulled right back to come very close after 10 minutes, and as a result the first quarter finished 19-17.
Again in the second quarter, NIS Vojvodina began well, immediately clocking up another 8 points more, but once again the Greek team reduced the gap, scoring only 1 point less in the quarter than their hosts and holding the score at half-time at 38-35.

In the third quarter both teams played well and the game was pretty balanced, although again the Novi Sad players were more efficient, outscoring the visitors 22-19 over the 10-minute period. The winner was decided only in the last quarter, when NIS Vojvodina appeared to run out of enough energy to win. Maroussi overtook the home side and pulled ahead for the 74-80 victory.

In the final moments Aleksandar Smiljanic (Telestet Maroussi) really found his shooting touch, giving his team, at 80 points, a higher than their season average score. NIS Vojvodina could have had the chance to take the game in the last moments, when Predrag Suput scored a three, but it still left NIS Vojvodina two points behind (74-76), and it was to be all that the Novi Sad players could manage.


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