KK Vojvodina 88-83

30-16, 17-20, 19-20, 22-27

MBC Odessa


Date: 14.10.2003, 20:30hGroup:  DVenue:   Novi Sad (SCG) Spectators: 1000
Referees:  Christos Mastraftsis (GRE), Peter Bodnar (HUN)


NIS Vojvodina 88 MBC Odessa 83

MBC Odessa may have been late entrants to the FIBA Europe League, and despite losing to NIS Vojvodina on opening night, they showed that they will be no pushovers in Group D.

Vojvodina were buoyed by the news just this week that Serb and Montenegrin national team star Milan Gurovic would be coming to play for them. The 28 year old forward immediately proved his worth as he hit for 25 points to guide his new club to a 88-83 victory.

Vojvodina jumped out to an early lead after amassing 30 points in the first quarter to Odessa's 16.

However, Odessa steadily worked their way back into the contest, before Gurovic stamped his authority on the game, dominating the Ukranians in the 4th quarter and leading his side to the win down the home stretch.

Forward Gennadiy Kuznyetsov was the outstanding man for Odessa, scoring 24 points on a blistering 9/11 from the field and 6/6 from the free-throw line.

Nenad Canak added 18 points to Gurovic's 25 for Vojvodina.



Quotes NIS Vojvodina - MBC Odessa

Nikola Lazic, Head Coach, NIS Vojvodina:

"We did not show maximal quality during the game, because we did not have a chance to see our opponents play. If we want to do well in the FIBA Europe League we must improve in our next matches."

Varonin Valyantsin, Head Coach, MBC Odessa:

"We joined the FIBA Europe League at the last moment, so I think that my players showed a good game. But it is hard to beat the team which follows the tradition of Yugoslav basketball in front of their home fans."

4Yushkin, O. 305/1241.72/540.03/742.910/1190.90663240423
5Pudzyrey, V. 130/20.00/20.00/00.00/00.0000010050
6Ivanov, D. 265/1631.34/1233.31/425.00/00.00221300311
7Beskov, O. 150/20.00/10.00/10.00/00.0011100000
8Kuznetsov, G. 309/1275.09/1181.80/10.06/6100.01121310224
9Yurtayev, A. 130/10.00/10.00/00.00/00.0123000020
11Valeiko, E. 374/666.72/2100.02/450.02/2100.01232201212
12Zubrytskyy, Y. 253/650.03/560.00/10.05/5100.02240202311
13Savchenko, V. 40/00.00/00.00/00.01/250.0101100001
14Antsiferov, V. 70/00.00/00.00/00.01/250.0022020011
TOTAL26/ 5745.620/ 3951.36/ 1833.325/2889.361824915532283
MinMinutes playedTotTotal reboundsBSBlocked shots
%Shooting percentagePFPersonal fouls*Starters
OOffensive reboundsTOTurnoversDNPDid Not Play
DDefensive reboundsSTStealsFGField Goals
+/-Team's net points while on courtCCommitted foulsDDrawn fouls