Quotes ECM Nymburk - Strauss Iscar Nahariya


Michal Jezdik, Head Coach ECM Nymburk:

"We knew, that this match would be very tough and also very important, because Nahariya has good chances to proceed to the second round, and we would like to go to the second round as well. So that’s why this loss is very bad for us. We lost the match in the first period, because of bad rebounding. In the second half we did a better job under the baskets, but our shooting percentage was to bad."

Denis Mujagic, ECM Nymburk:

"Everyone of us wanted to win this match. It was an important game. Now we are very sad, but we will try our best in Israel."

Avi Ashkenzi, Head Coach Strauss Iscar:

"Thanks to Nymburk for a nice welcome here. We knew that Nymburk is a very good team, but we were well prepared. Thanks to our tough defense we could take home the victory."


Amit Ben David, Strauss Iscar:

"We saw Nymburk on video and knew their strengths. We played our game and we run a lot of fast breaks. Now we are very happy and satisfied, that we made this victory. We hope it’s the first important step to the second round of the FIBA Europe League."


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