Dexia Mons Hainaut 79 KK Hemofarm 82


Dexia's point guard Bin Tabu-Eboma takes the outside shot
The first quarter remained very balanced. Bernd Volcic scored inside but also from 3-point-range, however, Nebojsa Bogavac from Vrsac responded and at the end of the first quarter Vrsac lead 17-22.

In the second quarter, Vrsac played very good defense and caused many turnovers for Mons. Bogavac, who played very well this evening, scored again from the 3-point area, helped well by Savo Djiakanovic. By halftime, Vrsac had a 6-point lead, 35-41.

Ivan Gemaljevic and Evaldas Jocys had a huge impact in the third quarter and Mons could take the lead (51-55).

The last quarter was also tight, George Evans and Jocys scored for Mons, but Vrsac did not panic and scored many 3-pointers to stay ahead. Vrsac won the game 79-82.

Game-MVP: Nebojsa Bogavac


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