Quotes Alita Alytus - Unics Kazan


Milan Bjegovic, Alita Alytus:

"We lost, but we were ready for this game. In the last two games we played well and we showed, that we can win, too - but noit this time."

Algirdas Brazys, Head Coach, Alita Alytus:

"We are happy, that we can play with good teams, like Unics inthe EuroLeague. We played well and we must be happy that we played this way."

Stanislav Eremine, Head Coach, Unics Kazan:

"I told my team, that it is hard for every team to play in Alytus. I’m happy, that in second half of the game we played good in defense and won."

Eurelijus Zukauskas, Unics Kazan:

"It was very hard to play in the first and second quarter. But we played well in the third and fourth quarter. Result: we won.