Aris Castrol 92 GHP Bamberg 81


Over 2000 supporters were following an exciting game between Aris and German runner-up GHP Bamberg. And the home crowd didn’t regret their coming as Aris won this important game 92-81.

Both teams have good chances to qualify for the next round of this year’s FIBA EuropeLeague. As a matter of fact the game was played very physical and on a high intensity. Even though they lost this game the Germans kept their point advantage in case that both teams are tied at the end of qualification round. For this reason the disappointment on the German side wasn’t too high.

Aris took the lead from the beginning, but GHP Bamberg always kept in touch and made the game very interesting to watch for the crowd.  After 10 minutes Aris had a 2-point-advantage (24-22).

Toby Bailey is searching for a team-mate while Jason Sasser is defending him
Now, Bamberg began to work more efficiently in the defence causing several turnovers for the home team and took control of the game though without managing to get a reassuring lead. The game stayed very close during the second quarter, which ended 45-47 in favour of Bamberg.

From the tip-off of the second half on Aris now put pressure on the guests with a tough full-court press. Due to several turnovers Bamberg was able to hold their deficit after three quarters down to three points (67-64).

The fourth period then totally belonged to the hosts. The Greeks were increasing their lead point by point. Three pointers by Nikos Vetoulas and Toby Bailey helped Aris to spread their advantage to 16 points. Nevertheless the Germans never gave up. Though they weren’t able to get back into the game. At least they were able to cut down the deficit zo 11 points at the final whistle (92-81).

Game-MVP: Nikos Vetoulas


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