UNICS Kazan 84 - Telindus BC Oostende 73


UNICS has won their 11th game in a row in the FEL. Next victim was Oostende from Belgium.

The first quarter the 3000 spectators saw a very close game with little advantages for the guests. Oostende led by 2 after 10 minutes (17-19).

But within several minutes UNICS outscored the guests by 11 points for a half-time score of 45-36.

A hard fight characterized the third period. Anstey (24 points; 11 rebounds) played awesome in this quarter. Score after 30 minutes was 59-49, but Oostende didn’t give up.

It were Cizmic and Ross who could narrow the gap with two 3 pointers to 59-55 in  the fourth quarter. 

But UNICS is a team full of experienced players. So they brought home the game with a final score of 84-73.

MVP: Chris Anstey


Telilndus Oostende 70 Dynamo 7220.02.2004
Dynamo Moscow 94 Telindus Oostende 7417.02.2004
Telindus BC 85 BC Alita 7503.02.2004
Široki Hercegtisak 91 BC Telindus Oostende 8020.01.2004
Telindus Oostende 91 Azovmash Mariupol 9413.01.2004
Telindus Oostende 102 - Türk Telekom Ankara 8709.12.2003
Telindus BC Oostende 74 - Unics Kazan 9818.11.2003

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