Quotes EURAS vs. Tartu Rock

25 November 2004

Sergey Zozulin, Head Coach, EURAS:

"Tartu is a bright representative of Estonian basketball. They have leaders in the team and great supporters. If Paade could play tonight we would have had a much harder game. If Tartu is in good shape before the game in Dnepropetrovsk they can win the next game."

Tonu Lust, Head Coach, Tartu Rock:

"EURAS began the game well, but in the middle Tartu managed to resist as long as Kikerpeill and Vaskis were fresh. We are not a very powerful team, we can win only if we are all playing together. Tonight Vaskis had some problems with his leg and Paade felt bad as well. In the first game in Tartu we won because we played as a team."


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