EURAS 99 Tartu Rock 71


In the first 2.5 minutes, the EURAS players didn't score one basket. It was Sergey Pakhomov who was the first to score - 2:4. Tartu had a much better start and their captain Tarmo Kikerpill scored 9 points. The first quarter ended 22-24.

EURAS won the advantage in the very end of the second period due to fast-breaks by Arnaldo Filho. In the first half of the game he scored 14 points. But the leader was still Tarmo Kikerpill - 17 points. The score at half-time was 47-38.

The third period started with a score by Doronin, but then EURAS scored 12 points in a row. Lobanov hit a three-pointer, and Zemljic scored three times in a row with opponent fouls, so having 3 points in every attack. But closer to the end of the period Tartu made closed the gap from 25 to 15 points.

In the last quarter, however, EURAS increased their performance again and scored 31 points so the game finally ended 99-71.

MVP of the game: Dubravko Zemljic (EURAS)


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