Participants And Instructors Praise FECC

04 August 2007

Words of praise from across the continent followed the conclusion of FIBA Europe’s first ever Coaching Certification Programme (FECC) which was recently held in Rethymnon, Greece.

More than 60 coaches from all over Europe attended the clinic under the guidance of Svetislav Pesic, one of Europe’s most successful and well-known coaches.

The FECC is a three-year programme aimed at coaches of young players and focuses on the development of talent in Europe.

It provides younger coaches with a chance to learn from their seniors and share ideas about development.

“Our goal is always one and the same - to strengthen the development of grassroots basketball everywhere in Europe. Coaches are a cornerstone to this development process,” said Nar Zanolin, FIBA Europe’s Secretary General.

“This programme is now a FIBA Europe tradition.”

This initial coaching clinic was organised at the same time and place as the U16 European Championship for Men in the island of Crete, thus providing an ideal setting for the coaches.

Most participants found the FECC programme tough but that did nothing to affect their spirits, according to instructor Nihat Izic, the former U20 coach from Turkey.

“It was great to see all those young coaches asking so many questions. There was really a genuine interest and a lot of questions from them,” he said.

“I am happy that this programme will continue for the years – and the generations – to come.”

Morten Thomsen, a coach from Denmark who participated in the clinic, summed up the FECC 2007 by saying: “I have been coaching for some 22 years now, taking European level three and four courses in Denmark and Sweden, a BA in coaching and elite sport and have been to hundreds of clinics in the US as well as Europe. But this beats everything I’ve seen before.”

Similar praise came from participant Jason McMahon of Gibraltar.

“I would like to thank FIBA Europe for probably the best coaching experience of my life,” he said.

“The context of the Coaching Clinic has enriched my coaching needs and I can't wait to participate in next year's clinic. I still cannot believe where I have been and with whom I have had the privilege of talking to.”

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