ULEB Violates Signed Agreement

11 June 2007

FIBA Europe has become aware of ULEB’s proposal to expand the ULEB Cup.

As stated in Article 6 of the agreement signed by the two parties back in November 2004, ULEB is to have no more than 48 teams combined in their competitions.

By expanding, ULEB would potentially be in violation of the above agreement.

A press release on the ULEB web site states: “This decision has been made after several attempts to discuss the proposal with FIBA Europe, having submitted it to them two years ago and that FIBA Europe have refused to discuss.”

To set the record straight, on 7 June 2006 FIBA Europe received a proposal from ULEB President Eduardo Portela. FIBA Europe responded with a counter-proposal on 16 June 2006.

Both proposals were discussed during a meeting in Madrid in November 2006 and no decision was taken on either proposal.

Recently, FIBA Europe received another letter from the President of ULEB, Eduardo Portela, calling for a meeting to discuss the European club competition format. During that meeting in Munich on 29 May 2007, both proposals were once again discussed and both were rejected.

Towards the end of that meeting, FIBA proposed a third option, which FIBA Europe accepted for further discussion and ULEB agreed to study.

Following the meeting in Munich, ULEB met with various FIBA Europe officials with the goal of enlisting their support for ULEB’s own expansion plans. 

Last week in Portoroz, Slovenia, ULEB held an assembly in which the FIBA proposal was rejected and a new expansion plan was put forth for further study.

In light of the above facts, FIBA Europe will continue working to ensure that the signed agreement is honoured, that the interests of all parties are fairly taken into account and that accurate presentation of the facts are clearly communicated to the general public.


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