FIBA Europe Announces Coaching Certificate

06 February 2007

FIBA Europe is pleased to announce its Coaching Certificate (FECC), which will officially be launched this summer.

The purpose of the programme is to focus on the development of coaches and improving the standard of young players coaching across Europe.

“It is clear that in order to generate a greater number of young players at a high level, we need more and better educated coaches,” said Coaching Coordinator Michael Schwarz.

After careful study, the Coaching Department concluded that many national Federations are facing the following issues:

• Not enough highly qualified coaches for young talent
• Difficulties in identifying young talent (lack of comparison)
• Limited knowledge of how to develop young players

To address the above issues and to improve the coaching education in Europe, the Coaching Department has decided to introduce a coaching development programme, where the coaches attend three coaching clinics over a period of two years.

Federations nominate the participants who will take part in the programme. FIBA Europe does not charge any tuition fee.

The clinics will be organised in conjunction with the European Youth Championships with an examination as the final element.

In the first year (2007), the clinic will take place in Crete, Greece from 24th to 30th July, venue for the U16 European Men’s Championship Division A.

The second clinic is scheduled for the summer of 2008 at the venue for the U18 European Men’s Championship  Division A, while the third and final clinic will take place in the summer of 2009 at the venue for the U20 European Men’s Championship Division A.

“The purpose of organising the clinics in line with the European Championships for U16, U18 and U20 men is with the view to monitor the development of the young players over a period of two years and three major competitions,” said Schwarz.

There are significant benefits from the new programme for the individual coaches, their clubs and the National Federations. They are as follows:

• Nominated coaches will gain a competent level of knowledge of European youth basketball (Identification)
• High quality coaching clinics (Development)
• Certified coaches will bring back home their knowledge and in turn raise national coaching standards
• Participants will gain a reputable coaching qualification with great references
• The programme will secure top level education for young talent

“This programme is one more example that demonstrates FIBA Europe’s committment to the future of our game,” said FIBA Europe President George Vassilakopoulos.

“We have invested significant resources into developing our youth programme, which has already reaped tremendous benefits. This coaching certification programme is one more step in the process,” added FIBA Europe Secretary General Nar Zanolin.



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