FIBA Europe Present In ETS Brussels Meeting

05 October 2010

The members of the Association of European Team Sports (ETS) had a full agenda when they met for one of their regular sessions in Brussels, Belgium, on Tuesday 5th October.

European Team Sports
Secretary General Nar Zanolin (right) represented FIBA Europe at the ETS meeting in Brussels, Tuesday.

The discussion focused on papers related to the article 165 of the Lisbon Treaty, which stresses the significance of sport in Europe, recognises its specific nature and defines the promotion of sport as a European Community objective.

The session also debated other EU initiatives which are of interest to the ETS and various administrative issues.

All ETS members were present in Tuesday's meeting where FIBA Europe was represented by its Secretary General Nar Zanolin.

"We continue working towards shaping the framework within which European team sports operate and develop," commented Zanolin after the meeting.

"There is a lot of enthusiasm among members about the role which ETS can play in the development of principles of good governance in European sport."

Note to editors: The Association of European Team Sports (ETS) is a non-profit organisation in accordance with Swiss law. The members of ETS are five leading European team sports - CEV (volleyball), EHF (handball), FIBA Europe (basketball), FIRA-AER (rugby), UEFA (football) - and one of the main international team sport federations - IIHF (ice hockey). For more information about ETS and its statutes please visit


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