European Team Sports Enhance Ties In Munich Meeting

23 February 2010

European Team Sports
The European Team Sports Association met at the FIBA Europe headquarters in Munich, Tuesday

It was a busy day in the FIBA Europe headquarters in Munich, Tuesday, as European basketball's governing body played host to the third meeting of the newly founded European Team Sports (ETS), the association of the major European team sports federations.

FIBA Europe was represented by its Secretary General Nar Zanolin who presided over the proceedings. Other delegates included Alex Phillips (UEFA) André Meyer (CEV), Ashley Ehlert (IIHF) and Olivier Keraudren and Nicolas Hourquet (FIRA-AER).

The participants discussed further the opportunities opening up to European sport after the EU Lisbon Treaty came into force and, in particular, Article 165 which recognises, inter alia, the "specific nature of sport" in the European society.

"European team sports have established a strong alliance in seeking to ascertain the unique nature of sport in the general European culture," said Nar Zanolin after the meeting.

"We have set the foundation and in the coming months we will seek to elaborate further on the details we discussed today to make absolutely sure the opportunity to safeguard and strengthen the position of sport in our modern society does not go wasted."

André Meyer, the CEV president, was positive about the outcome of the meeting. "We have had a fruitful discussion here in Munich, trying to foresee what the future opportunities for our different sports are, brought about by the introduction of the Lisbon treaty," he said.

Added Ashley Ehlert: "We have made a big step towards the right direction in seeking to define the specificity of sport; speaking with one voice will certainly make things easier."

Note to editors: The most popular European sports of basketball, handball, football, ice hockey, rugby and volleyball have been seeking for some time to further their common voice at European level - whether on EU matters or other issues. Basketball (FIBA Europe), Handball (EHF), Football (UEFA), Ice Hockey (IIHF), Rugby (FIRA-AER) and Volleyball (CEV) officially formed ETS on December 8th, 2009 in Nyon, Switzerland.

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