YearWinnerFinalistResult of final
2001Maccabi Panathinaikos AC81-67  
2000Panathinaikos ACMaccabi 73-67  
1999BC ZalgirisVirtus Buckler Bologna82-74  
1998Virtus Buckler BolognaAEK58-44  
1997Olympiakos BCFC Barcelona73-58  
1996Panathinaikos ACFC Barcelona67-66  
1995Real Madrid TekaOlympiakos BC73-61  
1994Montigala-JoventutOlympiakos BC59-57  
1993Limoges CSPBenetton59-55  
1992Partizan Montigala-Joventut71-70  
1991BC Pop 84Regal FC Barcelona70-65  
1990Split Croatia InsuranceRegal FC Barcelona72-67  
1989Split Croatia InsuranceMaccabi 75-69  
1988Pall. Olimpia SimacMaccabi 90-84  
1987Pall. Olimpia SimacMaccabi 71-69  
1985KK CibonaReal Madrid87-78  
1984Lottomatica RomaRegal FC Barcelona79-73  
1983Pall. Ford CantuOlimpia Bevi Billy69-68  
1982Squibb CantuMaccabi 86-80  
1981Maccabi Virtus BolognaFiere80-79  
1980Real MadridMaccabi 89-85  
1979Bosna AsaEmerson Varese96-93  
1978Real MadridPall Ignis Varese75-67  
1976Varese RoostersReal Madrid81-74  
1975Varese RoostersReal Madrid79-66  
1974Real MadridPall Ignis Varese84-83  
1973Pall Ignis Varese CSKA71-66  
1972Pall Ignis VareseSplit Croatia Insurance70-69  
1968Real MadridAPLUS OHLZS-Brno98-95  
1967Real MadridArmani J.91-83  
1965Real Madrid CSKA81-88   76-62  
1964Real MadridAPLUS OHLZS-Brno99-110   84-64  
1962DinamoReal Madrid90-83  
1961 CSKAASK Riga61-66   87-62  
1960ASK RigaDinamo61-51   69-62  
1958 A.S.K. Riga (URS) Akademik Sofia (BUL) 86-81 (52-36) Riga (URS) / Sofia (BUL)
84-71 (39-31)
1959 A.S.K. Riga (URS) Akademik Sofia (BUL) 79-58 (35-33) Riga (URS) / Sofia (BUL)
69-67 (31-34)
1960 A.S.K. Riga (URS) Dynamo Tbilisi (URS) 61-51 (29-23) Tbilisi (URS) / Riga (URS)
69-62 (32-24)
1961 C.S.K.A. Moscow (URS) A.S.K. Riga (URS) 61-66 (26-31) Moscow (URS) / Riga (URS)
87-62 (50-35)
1962 Dynamo Tbilisi (URS) Real Madrid (ESP) 90-83 (38-36) Geneva (SUI)
1963 C.S.K.A. Moscow (URS) Real Madrid (ESP) 69-86 (26-35) Madrid (ESP)
91-74 (48-34) Moscow (URS)
99-80 (48-32) Moscow (URS)
1964 Real Madrid (ESP) Spartak ZJS Brno (TCH) 99-110 (55-54) Brno (TCH) / Madrid (ESP)
84-64 (37-33)
1965 Real Madrid (ESP) C.S.K.A. Moscow (URS) 81-88 (40-48) Moscow (URS)
76-62 (36-29) Madrid (ESP)
1966 Olimpia Simmenthal Milan (ITA) Slavia Prague (TCH) 77-72 (41-35) Bologna (ITA)
1967 Real Madrid (ESP) A.P. Simmenthal Milan (ITA) 91-83 (45-45) Madrid (ESP)
1968 Real Madrid (ESP) Spartak ZJS Brno (TCH) 98-95 (52-49) Lyon (FRA)
1969 C.S.K.A. Moscow (URS) Real Madrid (ESP) 103-99 (42-45 2OT Barcelona (ESP)
1970 Pall.Ignis Varese (ITA) C.S.K.A. Moscow (URS) 79-74 (44-34) Sarajevo (YUG)
1971 C.S.K.A. Moscow (URS) Pall. Ignis Varese (ITA) 67-53 (26-28) Antwerp (BEL)
1972 Pall. Ignis Varese (ITA) KK Jugoplastika Split (YUG) 70-69 (34-35) Tel Aviv (ISR)
1973 Pall. Ignis Varese (ITA) C.S.K.A. Moscow (URS) 71-66 (41-29) Liège (BEL)
1974 Real Madrid (ESP) Pall. Ignis Varese (ITA) 84-82 (34-39) Nantes (FRA)
1975 Pall. Ignis Varese (ITA) Real Madrid (ESP) 79-66 (35-38) Antwerp (BEL)
1976 Pall. Mobilgirgi Varese (ITA) Real Madrid (ESP) 81-74 (43-42) Geneva (SUI)
1977 Maccabi Tel Aviv (ISR) Pall. Mobilgirgi Varese (ITA) 78-77 (39-30) Belgrade (YUG)
1978 Real Madrid (ESP) Pall. Mobilgirgi Varese (ITA) 75-67 (40-41) Munich (GER)
1979 KK Bosna Sarajevo (YUG) Pall. Emerson Varese (ITA) 96-93 (45-43) Grenoble (FRA)
1980 Real Madrid (ESP) Maccabi Tel Aviv (ISR) 89-85 (48-40) Berlin (GER)
1981 Maccabi Tel Aviv (ISR) Virtus Sinudyne Bologna (ITA) 80-79 (37-39) Strasbourg (FRA)
1982 Ultrarapida Squibb Cantú (ITA) Maccabi Tel Aviv (ISR) 86-80 (44-39) Cologne (GER)
1983 Pall. Ford Cantú (ITA) Olimpia Bevi Billy Milan (ITA) 69-68 (29-22) Grenoble (FRA)
1984 Virtus Banco Roma (ITA) F.C. Barcelona (ESP) 79-73 (32-42) Geneva (SUI)
1985 KK Cibona Zagreb (YUG) Real Madrid (ESP) 87-78 (39-38) Athens (GRE)
1986 KK Cibona Zagreb (YUG) Zalgiris Kaunas (URS) 94-82 (47-39) Budapest (HUN)
1987 Olimpia Tracer Milan (ITA) Maccabi Tel Aviv (ISR) 71-69 (33-36) Lausanne (SUI)
1988 Olimpia Tracer Milan (ITA) Maccabi Elite Tel Aviv (ISR) 90-84 (52-41) Ghent (BEL)
1989 KK Jugoplastika Split (YUG) Maccabi Elite Tel Aviv (ISR) 75-69 (35-35) Munich (GER)
1990 KK Jugoplastika Split (YUG) F.C. Barcelona (ESP) 72-67 (40-36) Saragossa (ESP)
1991 KK POP 84 Split (YUG) F.C. Barcelona (ESP) 70-65 (40-34) Paris (FRA)


Euroleague History

The European Cup For Men's Champion Clubs - The Early Years
L'Equipe is widely credited for birthing the idea of European club competition. In 1954, Gabriel Hanot, a journalist for the French sports newspaper saw a friendly football game between England's Wolverhampton and Hungarian side Honved and was inspired.
1999/2000 - The Green Team
There is one thing that Panathinaikos’ president Pavlos Yannakopoulos will never accept: failure.
1998/1999 - Offense Wins Championships
Since Limoges had taken home the 1993 title with a game based on defense, many European teams throughout the years had adopted this style of play.
1997/1998 - Bologna's Dream Team
After ten Final Fours, the odds for the favourites were terrible. In 10 years, the team with the best record during the regular season had never won the trophy.
1996/1997 - Rivers Dazzles The Brand New EuroLeague
After Panathinaikos pioneering victory in 1996, powerful Olympiakos, finalist in 1994 and 95, could not let its domestic championship runner-up get all the European glory.
1995/1996 - Greece's First Triumph
Between Aris Thessaloniki, Olympiakos and Panathinaikos, Greek clubs have been eight times to the Final Four.
1994/1995 - Sabonis Rules
Arvydas Sabonis had won everything except the ultimate club competition. For what was his last season in Europe before joining the Portland Trailblazers, the Lithuanian star led Real Madrid to victory, overwhelming Olympiakos Piraeus (73-61) in the final game.
1993/1994 - Badalona's Revenge
When a game is on the line, anything can happen. A turnover, a missed shot, one second of doubt and a title can slip away from you. That’s what had happened to Joventut Badalona in 1992. A buzzer beater had ended their dreams of winning the Final Four.
1992/1993 - French Touch Or Bad Boys?
One year after the “Istanbul miracle” (Partizan’s upset over Joventut), another underdog, Limoges, stunned European basketball in the Peace and Friendship Stadium of Piraeus, Greece.
1991/1992 - A Season Of Surprises
Although the 1991 season ended with an unforgettable third consecutive win for Split in Paris, the 1992 final was also a great one to remember. The departure of its superstar, Toni Kukoc, who left for Treviso, and the first signs of war which led to the team’s splitting up, had left the European champs out of the race.


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