The Ronchetti Cup

The Ronchetti Cup was named in honour of the late Liliana Ronchetti, a legend of the women's game in Italy, where her senior career spanned 26 years.

Over the course of her career, Ronchetti represented Italy at six EuroBasket Women tournaments, eventually going on to wear the Azzurre singlet on 83 occasions.

At domestic level, Ronchetti played in Italy and Switzerland, achieving great success in both countries. With her first club, Societa Ginnastica Comense, the 1.71m guard won four consecutive Italian titles between 1950 and 1953.

It was her feats with Societa Ginnastica Comense for what Ronchetti is probably best remembered. Asides from winning four titles with the club, Ronchetti once socred 51 points in a game - an Italian women's record that is yet to be bettered.

Later, in Switzerland playing for Ri. Ri Mendrisio, Ronchetti won a further three titles, beginning in 1967 and ending in 1969.

Sadly, just one year after retirement in 1974, Ronchetti's life was taken by cancer.

In honour of her contribution to women's basketball, FIBA started a second European women's club tournament that carried Ronchetti's name.

In 2007, Ronchetti was inducted into the FIBA Hall of Fame.

The Ronchetti Cup was succeeded by EuroCup Women in 2003.


1975 Spartak Leningrad (URS) Levski Spartak Sofia (BUL) 64-59 (41-20) 79-54 (38-26)

Sofia (BUL)

Leningrad (URS)

1976 Slavia VS Prague (TCH) Industromontaza Zagreb (YUG) 68-51 (31-31) 73-78 (25-41)

Prague (TCH)

Zagreb (YUG)

1977 Spartak Moscow (URS) Mineur Pernik (BUL) 97-54 (53-25) Roma (ITA)
1978 Levski Spartak Sofia (BUL) Slovan ChZJK Bratislava (TCH) 50-49 (18-26) Haskovo (BUL)
1979 Levski Spartak Sofia (BUL) DFS Maritza Plovdiv (BUL) 70-69 (34-29) Yambol (BUL)
1980 KK Monting Zagreb (YUG) DFS Maritza Plovdiv (BUL) 82-76 (48-38) Pernik (BUL)
1981 Spartak Moscow (URS) KK Monting Zagreb (YUG) 95-63 (59-24) Roma (ITA)
1982 Spartak Moscow (URS) Kralovopolska Brno (TCH) 89-68 (42-23) Linz (AUT)
1983 B.S.E Budapest (HUN) Spartak Moscow (URS) 83-81 (39-38) 70-70 (after reg.) 77-77 (after O.T.) Mestre (ITA)
1984 S.S. Bata Rome (ITA) B.S.E. Budapest (HUN) 69-59 (33-35) Budapest (HUN)
1985 C.S.K.A Moscow (URS) S.I.S.V. Bata Viterbo (ITA) 76-64 (32-33) Viterbo (ITA)
1986 Dinamo Novosibirsk (URS) B.S.E. Budapest (HUN) 81-58 (45-30) Barcelona (ESP)
1987 T.T.T Riga (URS) Basket Femminile Milan (ITA) 87-80 (48-41) Wittenheim (FRA)
1988 Dinamo Kiev (URS) Basket Deborah Milan (ITA) 100-83 (48-41) Athens (GRE)
1989 C.S.K.A Moscow (URS) Basket Femminile Milan (ITA) 92-86 (45-44) Florence (ITA)
1990 Parma Primizie (ITA) Jedinstvo Aida Tuzla (YUG) 79-54 (45-28) 71-77 (35-43)

Parma (ITA)

Tuzla (YUG)

1991 Gemeaz-Cusin Milan (ITA) Como Jersey (ITA) 94-76 (52-41) 58-69 (26-33)

Milan (ITA)

Cantu (ITA)

1992 Vicenza Estel Vicence (ITA) Libertas Trogylos Priolo (ITA) 78-67 (43-33) 76-69 (32-30) Priolo (ITA) Vicence (ITA)
1993 Basket Parma (ITA) GKS Olimpia Poznan (POL) 91-62 (44-34) 71-70 (34-30) Parma (ITA) Poznan (POL)
1994 Ahena Cesena (ITA) Parma Primizie (ITA) 78-65 (42-35) 66-68 (22-27) Cesena (ITA) Parma (ITA)
1995 CJM Bourges (FRA) Parma Lavezzini (ITA) 56-47 (28-18) 56-53 (33-32) Bourges (FRA) Parma (ITA)
1996 Tarbes (FRA) S.C. Alcamo (ITA) 81-63 (31-20) 82-63 (34-36) Trapani (ITA) Tarbes (FRA)
1997 CSKA Moscow (RUS) Carip. Lavezzini Parma (ITA) 72-54 (34-30) 59-71 (30-38)

Moscow (RUS)

Parma (ITA)

1998 GYSEV-RINGA Sopron (HUN) A.S.P.T.T. Aix-en-Provence (FRA) 70-65 (37-33) 70-72 (37-42)

Sopron (HUN)

Les Milles (FRA)

1999 Sandra Las Palma de Gran Canaria (ESP) Lachen Ramat-Hashoran (ISR) 72-79 (33-39) 64-54 (30-31)

R.Hasharon (ISR)

Las Palmas (ESP)

2000 Lavezzini Basket (ITA) Caja Rural (ESP) 64-60 (32-27) 56-63 (28-25)

Parma (ITA)

Las Palmas (ESP)

2001 Familia Schio (ITA) Botassport Club Adana (TUR) 73-75 (34-38) 87-70 (45-31)

Ceyhan Adana (TUR)

Schio (ITA)

2002 Familia Schio (ITA) Tarbes Gespe Bigorre (FRA) 69-73 (43-48) 77-74 (37-35)

Tarbes (FRA)

Schio (ITA)


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