Half-Court Press: Alexandra Dumitrache

29 July 2012

Alexandra Dumitrache (Romania)
If she was not playing at the U18 European Championship Women in the sizzling heat of Bucharest, you could find Alexandra Dumitrache on the beach in Saint-Tropez listening to Usher

Bucharest-born Alexandra Dumitrache is back in her home city and trying to help hosts Romania preserve their Division A status at the U18 European Championship Women.

The playmaker was submitted to's relentless half-court press before the start of the Relegation Round on Monday, without losing her composure even for a moment. What's your first basketball memory?
Alexandra Dumitrache: My first basketball memory is when I played ‘baby-basketball' and I got awarded the MVP trophy!

Why did you want to become a basketball player?
I wanted to become a basketball player because I love this game very much. Also, because my parents did the same sport and I would like to continue the tradition of our family.

Which part of training/practice do you like the most/the least?
I don't actually have something which I prefer or dislike, since I pretty much like everything that we do!

If you were at the Olympics but not as a basketball player, which other sport do you think it would be fun to win a gold medal in?
If I was participating at the Olympics I think I would like to play tennis.

Your dream holiday would be where and doing what?
My dream holiday would be Saint-Tropez in France, doing some shopping and just being at the seaside.

If you could only listen to one song again for the rest of your life what would it be?
I think it would have to be ‘My Boo' by Usher featuring Alicia Keys.

And, who would get to choose the music on the team bus and what type of music would it be?
All the team would choose the music together and it would be Rap, R&B or Hip-hop. It doesn't matter which!

Facebook or Twitter?
Facebook because I think it is the most popular.

What are the most important things for a basketball player to have?
The most important thing for any basketball player is to be positive in your mind, to be a winner and to try to be the best.

There's only two seconds on the shot clock, do you pass or shoot?
If I don't have a defensive player guarding me then I will shoot but if somebody is alone near the basket then I would pass.


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