Half-Court Press: Safak Edge

13 July 2012

7. Safak Edge (Turkey)
With his textbook shooting technique, there are no prizes for guessing what Safak Edge would do with the ball if there were only two seconds left on the clock tried to catch off-guard the captain of the Turkish team, Safak Edge, with its unrelenting Half-Court Press and find out more about the player's personality, but the flashy guard passed the test with flying colours.

The 19-year-old, who already played in last year's U20 European Championship, has become one of the most important players for Turkey this year in Slovenia, averaging 12.0 points and 2.5 assists in the first two games. What's your first basketball memory?
Safak Edge: I remember that I started playing street basketball with my friends.

Why did you want to become a basketball player?
At first I played football, but switched to basketball because I enjoyed it much more. I still follow football a little bit.

Who is the most mature of your teammates and who is the most... childish?
The funniest guy has to be Fatih Kizlica. I don't know who's the most mature.

Which is the best basketball game you've ever played in or watched?
It's probably the 2010 World Championship final game, between the United States and Turkey. It was a very important game for our country. The other game that comes to mind is the semi-final in the same tournament, against Serbia.

What would it mean for you to play for Turkey's senior team in the future?
I would love to play in the national team one day. I want to get good minutes in Europe first and then maybe go to the NBA if I have the chance.

There's only two seconds left on the shot-clock, do you pass the ball or shoot?
Generally, I'd prefer to shoot myself.

Who is your idol on the basketball court?
Steve Nash.

Do you know how to cook and what would you cook for your coach if he ate dinner at your house?
I don't know how to cook. I would probably order something, maybe a pizza.

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