Zanolin Encouraged After Visit To Moldova

15 September 2006

FIBA Europe Secretary General Nar Zanolin concluded a three-day visit in Moldova, where he met with a number of government leaders and sport officials to speak about the country’s development in sport, particularly basketball.

While Moldova is developing economically, Zanolin is encouraged by the eastern European country’s prospects for improvement in all areas, including basketball.

Nar Zanolin with Moldova officials.
NOC President Nicolae Juravschi (seated right), hopes to utilise Olympic Solidarity for basketball
“Moldova is a special country,” Zanolin said at the conclusion of his visit, particularly noting that the country is made up of various ethnic groups, including Moldovan, Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian, Armenian and Bulgarian.

“In times when there is so much strife taking place around the world, Moldova is a terrific example of how different ethnicities can live together in peace and harmony while working together for the betterment of their land despite difficult financial circumstances.”

“This is just one reason why I am so hopeful that Moldova will grow in all areas, including basketball.”

Zanolin’s meetings with officials were another reason for his optimism.

Two of the government’s top leaders, Victor Stepaniuc, Chairman of the Committee on Culture, Science, Education, Youth and Sport, and Dr. Victor Tvircun, Minister of Education, Youth and Sport, pledged to look into ways of easing tax restrictions on potential sponsors so that more revenue can be generated for the federation and clubs.

The FIBA Europe Secretary General also met with Nicolae Juravschi, President of the Moldovan Olympic Committee, and discussed how Olympic Solidarity can work towards helping basketball.

Zanolin toured the Moldovan Basketball Federation and a number of schools and clubs to assess the needs within the country.

He met with leaders from Moldovan basketball to speak about ways that FIBA Europe can c

Nar Zanolin with Moldova officials.
Nar Zanolin met with Dr. Victor Tvircun, Minister of Education, Youth and Sport (center).
ontinue assisting the federation.

FIBA Europe has already provided the Moldovan Basketball Federation with computers for their offices and will be providing basketballs in the near future.

The possibility exists for further direct assistance through the two organisations’ collaboration with the FIBA Study Centre.

“Based on my positive meetings with these leaders and officials, I am confident that Moldova will be taking significant strides towards improving basketball in the country,” Zanolin said.

“Because of their strong commitment, I wouldn’t be surprised if Moldova is playing a high level of basketball in all categories in the near future.”

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