FIBA Europe Meets UEFA In Stockholm

20 February 2006

FIBA Europe President George Vassilakopoulos, Secretary General Nar Zanolin and Board members Lena Wallin Kantzy and Asterios Zois were in Stockholm on Monday to meet with UEFA President Lennart Johansson and CEO Lars-Christer Olsson.

The meeting was part of continued talks by FIBA Europe to raise, among other problems, the issue of the specificity of sport in Europe.

FIBA Europe has already met with the European Union Commissioner for Sport and Education Mr Jan Figel on two occasions to discuss official EU recognition of sport as a social expression with a specific role in society.

The meeting between UEFA and FIBA Europe identified several issues that affect all sport in Europe:

  • The recognition of the specificity of sport
  • Sport as a social expression
  • Problems with player contracts and establishing special status for sportsmen and women
  • The recognition of the federative system at national and international level
  • Betting
  • Doping

In a common statement, Mr. Johansson and Mr. Vassilakopoulos declared, "We are very happy with the outcome of this meeting,"

"UEFA and FIBA Europe face very similar concerns in running our respective sports and we found that we agreed 100% on all of the issues that we discussed today. We are determined to work together in order to safeguard the future of the sports movement in Europe."

UEFA and FIBA Europe agreed to maintain regular contact and collaborate in the upcoming months in order to address the above issues. In addition, it was also decided that UEFA would convene a meeting to invite other European team sports federations to join the discussion.

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